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What we Do

Active Start Sports is committed to delivering high quality health and physical education programs for  children. We take children out of the classroom and put them out on the playing field!


We strongly believe that encouraging children to enjoy being active from a young age is an important part of their personal development. We provide a fun filled program that is not only physically challenging but is also designed to challenge children on an intellectual level.



Sports Programs


Where we Operate

Active Start Sports is based in Victoria. We conduct our weekly sessions on site at childcare and Kindergarten centers in the metropolitan area.

What we Provide

We provide all of the required equipment as well as a weekly lesson plan outlining the activities and learning purposes relating to the session.

Why we Exist

There are many reasons why we are passionate about enabling children to become active but one of the most important reasons is the health benefits that are associated with it. The current landscape shows that childhood health concerns are on the rise at an alarming rate, in particular childhood obesity, so it's never been so important for children to develop healthy and active lifestyle habbits from a young age.

We love to see children develop a life long passion for exercise and to have a lot of fun in the process.


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